NordicHPC Github repository

NordicHPC has a Github organization which is used for co-maintains of useful code and other material. We don’t yet entirely know how this works yet, but this is our general idea.

In theory, there is no benefit to hosting code here rather than on an institutional page. Still, there are some benefits: We’d always recommend NordicHPC over using a personal Github account, because it provides a way for code to be inherited and maintained over a longer period of time (yes, we realize that personal Github accounts are like a CV now, it’s unfortunate that this is at conflict with group maintenance). There is less benefit of NordicHPC compared to other institutional Github organizations, but this provides better visibility, more eyes, and more maintainers and users.

General principles

  • Repositories should be open source sufficiently so that others can use.

  • We presume that each code will have some primary maintainers. However, we recognize that people come and go, so recommend that we wait a short time for the main maintainers to accept a pull request, then some time for others with knowledge to accept a pull request, and then anyone else is assumed to be welcome to accept pull requests. Those that accept a PR should be aware enough to track follow-up and help with any problems that may come up afterwards!

  • The README should indicate any particular notes related to maintenance.

  • Things maintained here don’t have to be perfect, well maintained, or ready for general use. Just document the general maturity level, and of course if there’s not much documentation it will be assumed that it’s not very mature. Try to include at least a basic README.

  • As projects get larger, open source community best practices should be followed more and more… in proportion to what is useful.


We are called “Nordic HPC” but we realize we shouldn’t exclude others. Still, we have started as a local community. We will at least add as members anyone working at a Nordic academic computing center who chooses to be a part of NordicHPC.

Come to our meetings to help decide how this works in practice.

Suggestions for readme files

Readme files should list:

  • Site which has done primary development, key maintainers (not just to help management, it’s important to give credit when it is due).

  • Any requests on other members accepting pull requests.