We are a loose collaboration of computing facility staff and friends. Most of us are somewhere between application experts or sysadmins of clusters, those who are the front line of supporting research and deal with all of the daily mess. We have a special focus on usability and reimagining HPC for the modern age.

This explicitly includes those providing newer types of systems which allow different types of access (more usable, for example) to large-scale computing resources. We don’t provide or pool resources, but serve as a collaboration platform to develop existing resources.

We are based in the Nordic area, but inclusive to others. Every site that is involved in HPC center in the Nordics should take part.


Share solutions and problems across centers and across countries. Collaborative maintenance of said solutions.

Improve the usability of HPC and large research computing systems for the modern world.

We would like to meet 1-2/year in an informal setting where we share recipes and issues with the hope of improving the user experience but also the “sysadmin experience”.


Next: Helsinki, November 14-15.

In general, including past events: meetings

2-day meetings (lunch-lunch) in an easy to access city, once or twice a year. Please contact if you would like to be informed about such events.

NordicHPC github repository

We create a huge number of small, one-use scripts and larger projects as part of their daily work. Why not share them? The NordicHPC github organization provides a way to do that. It can give your work more visibility, and shared maintnance can produce better software for all of us.

See the repository information for more information.


  • Mailing list: coming, for announcements and discussion of projects.
  • Chat with us on our Zulip chat channel - sign up and join the NordicHPC stream. Currently it is shared with the CodeRefinery project due to overlap but may move sometime else later. For detailed discussions and organizational planning.
  • Administrative contact: richard dot darst at aalto dot fi.