NordicHPC meetings


NordicHPC meetings are a time for staff of Nordic computing centers to meet up and exchange best practices and tips, and work on joint software that helps everyone. Computing centers tend to be quite independent and conservative, but we all have the same problems. Why not work on solutions together?

Next meeting

Helsinki, November 14-15, 2019


Our basic goal is to form a network of sysadmins.

Our standard general plan is:

  • Most of half-day 1: each attendee presents 5-10 cool things that happen at their site, and 5-10 common problems they have. This allows us to network and look for problem-solution pairs.
  • Most of half-day 2: collaborative working together in an unconference-type format, based on lessons of the first half.
  • Break-out sessions can be reserved in advance.
  • Discussion of collaboration models.

Past meetings and events

  • Reimagining Research Computing workshop at the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration conference, 2019-05-15. This was the founding moment of NordicHPC.
  • Jupyter workshop at the same NeIC conference. Materials are available on the Jupyter page.